The title says it all- IT IS IMPORTANT. But what is important? Obviously there are many things that are important and depending on each person’s own hobbies, likes/dislikes, past experiences, etc; that which we find important is relative. To name of a few: Family. Friends. Truth. Health. People. Work. Outdoors. Being Responsible. Sleep. Coffee.  Although all of … More It is IMPORTANT

Its a BIG deal.

I would like to take a minute, OK, maybe two…and address the “murder” of Cecil the Lion, and the uproar among us. a) Murder in the bible is STRICTLY in context to human beings. Not animals. Ever heard of King David killing a Lion and Bear? How about Samson killing a Lion? And before anyone … More Its a BIG deal.

Foreign Policy

FOREIGN POLICY: a policy pursued by a nation in its dealings with other nations, designed to achieve national objectives. Two millennium’s ago, a Foreign Policy was instituted upon the earth. The Foreign Policy was called LIFE.  The Foreign Policy of LIFE is violent and it never has, nor will it ever be vetoed or impeached.  Its demands authority and commands everything from the smallest element to the largest entity.  It takes ground … More Foreign Policy

everything ADDS up to NOTHING

For years now, I have been bombarded with stockpiling possessions, material, ownership, coin, & pleasures.  Aggressively I have been questioned on something called “a portfolio” by people in their individual way.    Passive aggressively I been questioned identically by commercials & radio, billboards & advertising, magazines & movies.  After all – this is the logic … More everything ADDS up to NOTHING

how you RESPOND

Pressure: Definition:  the continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it. In other words – physical force, load, stress,thrust; compression, weight, strain, tension, difficulty. Now.  Say the word PRESSURE.  Say the word PRESSURE audibly.  PRESSURE. When you hear the word PRESSURE – what fills your thoughts?  How do you feel?  What memory floods your mind? For some reason, the word PRESSURE … More how you RESPOND

Table Scraps

Is it possible to know the fullness of a meal if all you ate were the table scraps thereof? Table scraps:  a small piece or bit.  A fragment.  Parts leftover for disposal. Is it possible to know how it truly tasted?  How fresh and warm – succulent and flavorful it was seconds after being cooked? … More Table Scraps